Release the Kraken!

Ok maybe just the kraken’s leg. Planning to release alpha version 0.75 onto the OUYA/Forge by the June 27th deadline. Without OUYAForum, a lot of the game wouldn’t be where it is now. The game started as a simple contest game but grew because all the help that people offered. Voices are mainly from the forum except for 2 that I have to still get recorded. The art is from a few people. Some disappeared along the way but I maintained some element of their work moving forward so the art is a cooperation of about 6 people. So I want the game to be on OUYA before the deadline for submissions and we’re rushing to get it in. There are some things that I’m working towards and hopefully the OUYA will be able to handle it through the updates but if people have the Forge then the Forge will be able to keep up.

Still not sure on putting the game on phones. I have no idea why people find phones to be a place to play games. Hell, people are avoiding AndroidTV to put their game on the flooded Google Play market. It really makes no sense to me, who wants to play a game on a 3 inch screen. Bah. The other plan is the same but I may do something with early access on I have talked to a few other sites and they give me the runaround which I can’t stand. Or seem to have some “we’re not letting you in until others say it’s cool” type of attitude. Games used to be about fun not an elitest bunch of crap.

So yeah…moving forward. Onward and upward.

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