Intro Idea for Astra Etherium

Right now there is no intro but I was thinking of adding one. I have audio but I was thinking of adding something like the ship refueling and taking off. Wanted to get a voice actress to do some voice work there but not sure. It would only be like 2 lines but I have talked to 2, who have done work for Funimation, for my next game and was thinking of maybe adding one of them to this one.

Just something like “Max, you’re refueled and clear for take off.”

I’m going to need an extra for the remaster version anyway since there will be a weapon shop of some kind.

It’s hard trying not to overload the first launch. Need to get it out the door and then go from there. About to run more tests on Windows, Mac and Linux and try to figure out what the hell is up with the Android versions. Not pure Android but the microconsole market is where we have some controller issues.

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2 Responses

  1. Negative Zero says:

    This would be cool, but wouldn’t the intro have to be landing or something like that since the first dialogue is Max talking to his new bosses?

    • admin says:

      Still debating. There is an intro and outro that are not currently in the game. They’re supposed to be animated scenes but I may do comic scenes.

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