Catching Up on Astra

Well it’s time for an update. Hell, it’s way past time for an upgrade right?

I’m trying to fast track Astra Etherium as much as possible. Unfortunately I just had to work 15+ hours a day for a month straight. Do you know how tiring that is when you do manual labor? Life as a contractor is rough sometimes.

We’re working on getting the Android versions of the game ready for launch. OUYA version is close and works fine but it has art issues. Forge will work if OUYA works. Shield is being worked on as we speak. Fire we don’t have a tester but it should work. Windows/Mac/Linux versions are fine for now, they do work as they are. If the game was released as it is then I’d say it’s like 70-75% complete. Maybe more since the systems work but it’s mostly art issues.

As far as art goes, I’m working on EVERYTHING. Well I have an artist working on it. Buttons are changed, HUD is changed, going to rework the menus and maybe even the ships too. I want to rework all the backgrounds and maybe get them done custom but I want scrolling backgrounds with ships in the background, etc. I’m working on that part but backgrounds are not my specialty. Mapping and things of that nature aren’t my thing so it’s trial and error.

These are the new buttons, powerups and HUD (Well a HUD closer to what we have going into the game).

If you notice the HUD has a new look. It has an even newer look too but that’s a secret. (Ok it’s not a secret, I posted it on my Twitter a while ago). If you look at it then you notice there is a new segment to the meter. Not only will there be a break mode but there will be an Etherium break mode which is more power, more points, more die die die.

There are a few other things being changed before launch. New weapons, more death, new powerups, more death. more shots, more bullets, more death and did I mention more death?

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