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I posted a sketch of Em on Twitter and didn’t have a blog link or anything. Oops. I guess I’ve neglected this blog a little in terms of development news but not much has been going on.

Astra Etherium is in development hell and I’m waiting for something to be finished so I can push it forward but I need that done. Plus I’m having an internal debate on UI changes again and other art changes. Will be released for OUYA, Fire, Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tabs like previously planned. I will add ATV to that list. Vita has to be removed since Sony killed the Vita and the mobile license, it may still appear on Vita when I get a full Playstation license in place. Then the plan is to add more levels for a remastered version and release for WiiU, PS, Steam and maybe even XBox. Since I’m peeling back some of it, I’m going to say it’s back to 80% but nothing major is needed. It’s more of a move this here, change the appearance of this here, type of thing and cleaning up some loose ends.

Borne by Blood, I’m getting art together and getting ready to get a prototype together somewhere in the near future. I’m guessing December at this point, thanks to the setbacks with Astra Etherium. If I didn’t mention it before, I have someone who will be voicing the main character Em. At least potentially anyway, anything can happen between now and gametime. Been also thinking that I may add a few more voice actors to the game. There isn’t THAT much dialogue for the game since it’s a Zeldaish game but there would be enough to at least have some different voices, etc. Not going to name drop just yet.

Project Death is…something I will work on concurrently with Borne by Blood. I have to piece that story together or decide if it’s going to have a lame story and just be all out fighting to the death.

So now you have been updated and I will try not to neglect the blog as much in the future. Now I have to pretty this thing up a bit.

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