Borne by Blood

Borne by Blood is a game I wanted to start working on late last year but how can I put this…I am horrible at mapping. Just horrible. Luckily for me I may be getting some help on that end.

Borne by Blood is a Zelda/Diablo-ish type 3D adventure game. Without giving away too much of the story, it’s a story about a girl exiled from her the royal family of (have no name on the kingdom yet.) Years after her exile she comes back to the kingdom because she heard that her father is gravely ill and she wants to be there. The family still rejects her so she sets off on the journey to obtain the ingredients needed to save her father on her own. Of course there will be other subplots through the game, some which may be seen as controversial.

Along the way she will be helped by two pets. One pet will be a beast mount which carries her over long stretch areas and the second is one I had a debate with. I was going to go with a parrot or some bigger bird that resembled a parrot but I was given the idea that it should be a bird of prey. Now the bird is a falcon which makes more sense anyway since it will be a bird that retrieves items. Think of the bird like the boomerang in Zelda games. Also, Em’s main weapon will be a chakram, might even have some kind of blade dance special move.

The game was meant to be a simple game but it has expanded to where it will include at least 6 dungeons, several different overworld areas, 2-3 villages. It’s more of a throwback to earlier adventures but set in a 3D world.

Here’s an early sketch of Em, she will probably change by the time the game happens. Click to make it bigger.

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