Where is Astra Etherium

At the moment I’m waiting on a few things to be tied up and sent back to me, then I have one or two things to add. At the moment, here is what you’ll get.

10 stages


Dialogue between stages


Lots of shooting


and don’t forget death.

The first version of Astra Etherium will be more mobile based, so OUYA, Fire, NVidia, Gamestick and previously Vita but I may have to change that because I need to get a new license since they closed the PSM developer program. Maybe it won’t take long but I’m going to put it as a maybe until Sony gives me the okay. There will also be PC/Mac releases, Android tablets and iPad too. The game will undergo a change after it’s release, which will be the remastered version and that version will have extra stages and be released for WiiU, Steam and PS3/4 as soon as I get my licenses in order. Previous versions will be updated to match the remaster which will add more features too.


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