New Concept?

While I had some downtime (being a caregiver) I came up with new concepts. I have been mapping another game concept which may come before Astra Etherium. Astra Etherium is still going to be released but to do the game justice, it needs funding. I know, I know, most games do. Astra is a harder sell because the genre, doesn’t matter if it’s the greatest game ever. The concept I’m drafting is something in a current hot genre so I’m thinking this may come first even though Astra is the one with the most work done. If you think about it, when you have more credits under your belt, you have more to bring to someone when you ask for their help. But if someone allows me to work both that would be great. Then I could move forward to my Zelda/Diabloish game Borne by Blood though I may change the name because Bloodborn.

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