Game funds?

I knew of a few funds in the past but I can never seem to find them. There’s Indie Fund but that’s the only one I seem to find that actually was active. There’s Ancient Game Fund but they seem to be out of action. But recently I found a few more.

These probably are more of what I’m looking for instead of a publisher. Not that I’m going to say no to a publisher but I do have a plan for what I want to do. I’m already coming up with marketing and everything else. Planting the seeds in people’s minds. The only problem is getting back up off the ground.

When I became the caregiver it really killed the time that I had available to work on the game. During that time I have been recruiting a new team for the hope that at some point someone would step up and say “Hey Killswitch let’s finish this game and make some shmoney.”

The arts going to be completely overhauled. It just can’t stay the way it is. None of the stages look like what I wanted as a final product. We don’t have enough enemies. And there’s a possibility of a new person stepping in for music. It’s a team effort and to get to the finish line but this time it’ll be an even bigger team effort.

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