Astra Etherium 2.0?

No there isn’t a sequel….yet. I named the post that because I want to update everyone with what I’ve been doing in terms of planning to get to the finish line. I never thought I’d have a long term project but becoming a caregiver does that. Let’s call it a rebirth.

As you know Astra Etherium was planned to be a bullet hell shmup. It still is. That will not change. Of course we have the awesome dialogue and narrative work of that Killswitch guy. I wish I could write like him.

Ok. Ok. I will be serious for a second.

I’m toying with a new intro to the game. It was planned for the original but since we had to rush to get it out in time to be the last game on the Ouya, it was cut out. But now I’m going for something more than textual. I’ve scripted a motion comic for the intro which will set the atmosphere of the game. I’d like to add a few others in the game for the cutscenes but we shall see. Already scripted but things cost shmoney.

The in between stage scenes may become more like visual novels and not motion comics. So it would be a mixture of both. There will also be more dialogue which you can skip if you choose. The reason there will be more is because most stages will get midbosses and other things.

The alpha didn’t have one of the major systems in place. Inventory. There will be a weapon smuggler who sells you upgrades. The upgrades will be weapon based but also ship based like speed. Still have to work out the fine details but more weapons and whatnot will be coming.

As you know I was working on a look for the game. Was going to be cell shaded but that will depend on if we have a budget or not. May also just give the game a full on anime treatment, we’ll see.

I like the music I have now but someone did offer her services so we’ll see where that leads. The musician I got my music from has let others use some of the music before which I didn’t know. I don’t know if they made it to commercial games but the possibility does bother me.

Almost forgot about the card system. Cards will be available that give you powers that you can’t buy. I’m even thinking of some kind of slow motion power up. Not sure how it will work yet but thinking about it.

I’ve also been thinking about some kind of accessibility mode? Not sure this works in a shmup. Maybe a slow motion version? An easy mode? Maybe it won’t work. Who knows. This one is a back burner item.

There’s probably more that I’m leaving out but that’s the gist of it. When you’re working in a genre that isn’t as popular as it used to be, you have to do things to stand out. I think it would with graphical updates but there’s more I want to do. I want people to remember my game and not just because it’s like the longest game name ever.

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