Peppering Publishers

So I decided to take another look at all the new publishers that are out there. It looks like a lot of them are taking a more personal approach versus the supermarket approach. Which made me send a few emails out to see if maybe there’s someone out there who could help get the gang to the finish line. Unfortunately Shooters are kind of a niche genre. It really shouldn’t be but people are enthralled by those games that look like movies versus games that are fun and people might want to play. I really shouldn’t say it like that but you have games like Uncharted which are more movie than game then you have games that people play just to have a good time.

Anyway, I’m hoping to hear back from someone with some positive news or at least get answers. While a lot seem to be taking a more personal approach they don’t seem to respond so you’re sitting there waiting weeks or months to know if someone even looked at it. And one thing that I found is my email got blocked by to publishers just for sending them a submission which I guess they didn’t want. If you’re open for submissions and someone submit something why not just answer them. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe my email address or something… who knows.

Just some random thoughts about the publishing game. Not looking in earnest and sending it to every publisher out there because that would be crazy. Just looking for ones that I think may fit what I’m trying to do.

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