Rise of the Creatives?

What could Rise of the Creatives be? Well the man you know as Killswitch is going to be launching a site which helps creatives connect. Think of maybe a Deviantart but a less toxic situation. Not only will it be artists but game developers, voice talent and more. I’m still mapping it out in what little free time I have but it will be out there to help others meet and display their work too.

By the way, you know how certain sites let scammers run away with your money? Not naming names but I named them already in this post. Well my staff will take somewhat of an active role to help mediate the situation. Not all situations will have positive results but we’ll do our best to help.

Will some people have an issue with some rules? Probably. As long as you aren’t a complete jackass you’ll have no issues. Things like hate speech and all that will be regulated. It’s a site for people to get together, trade services, have fun and not have to deal with that nonsense. So be respectful of others, that’s all I’ll be asking for.

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