Astra Etherium cutscenes?

I’ve been interested in possibly doing this from the beginning but still not sure. I was thinking of making the dialogue scenes into visual novel scenes or some type of cutscene. Live2D is another option. My main issue though is finding artists who will do things reasonable or actually get to the finish line. The game was to be made on a very tiny budget but what I want to do can’t be done that way when the game is going to be more than a simple jam type game.

I think visual novel is probably the best method but that can be animated with Live2D just like avatars can. Just have to figure out how to get it done and find someone who fits what I’m looking for. Every time I seem to find someone they are “busy” then direct me to one of their friends. I can be very picky with what I like. Not to say it’s THAT picky but there is a certain look and I know it when I see it. That probably came out awkwardly…

I know what I want to do but economics plays a role.

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