People always wonder why I say I’m not looking for a publisher. And I really wasn’t looking for a publisher because not that many fit the game or they just didn’t fit what I would be looking for in a publisher. Let me explain that a little because it sounds a little awkward.

When I say I don’t see many that fit the game it’s because the game is an arcade shooter which may not be at the top of the market anymore. There are a few that make it and have decent sales and all that but they’re not the million-dollar seller that everyone keeps trying to land. So usually the response is tepid at best.

You also have what I’m saying is lack of a home. My game is to me is more unique than other bullet hell shooters out there. Mine has a full story with full dialogue. You have the RPG system that will be going in. And a few other things that will set it apart from others. Don’t get me wrong there maybe a game out there that’s similar that I just don’t know about. But I feel the game would fit into a company that’s doing space games and there aren’t too many out there. It might fit in with a publisher that happens to do anime and manga games and there are a few out there.

Then you have what I call publisher politics. Not all publishers are like this but some want you to give up your IP. Some will only go so far with helping you out. That’s why I’m looking for one that would be more of a partner. Not sure how to word it but others know that I help people marketing their games. If I see someone on Twitter who says their game is coming out I may ask them questions and they don’t even realize I’m trying to help them get the word out. I hate to see other developers not get to where they’re trying to get to and some of it is just that they don’t know how. They know how to make a game but they don’t know the marketing or any of the other stuff.

I said a lot more than I was planning to here. But for me it’s a decision that is very important. This game will hopefully be a launching pad for me. Even if the game isn’t successful in a monetary way (I hope it is) at least I would have a game out there I can show what I can do. I would like to hope it is successful but you know the market changes all the time. There are games that should be much more successful than they are and some that never see their potential even though they should then those you think shouldn’t be popular and sell millions.

I already have ideas for a sequel for the game. I already started scripting a manga for the game. I’m working on a board game for the game and maybe a card game too. So for me this is a decision I won’t take lightly. If I contact a publisher it’s going to be because I feel like they might understand what I’m thinking or I feel they would just be a good partner for this game. If they decide “hey we’ll do all your game ideas” that would be great too. I’m not going to blanket the Earth with emails because there’s probably a handful of publishers I feel would be the right place.

I hope that came out right. It did right?

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