VR Platypus?

I have an idea for a VR game. I am/was soooo anti-VR because I thought it would flop and it would just be used for porn. Now that’s not to say it’ll survive this time but it will get a few years or so at least. Unfortunately I have a lot on my hands with finishing Astra Etherium and then working on Borne by Blood but I guess I can do some at the same time. Just depends on work schedules and all that.

I don’t want to tell what it is yet since it’s not even on paper yet. Well I don’t put things on paper but you know what I mean. Don’t want it to be in the cluttered minefield of games and concepts out there without proper representation. Plus it might take a trip to Japan to make it as authentic as possible. So there you go, it takes place in Japan. That’s all you get…for now.

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