Astra Etherium is released? Kind of? Maybe? Huh?

Astra Etherium has been partially released.

Killswitch did you just say partially released? How do you partially release a game? Just the UI and you have to make the rest yourself? Is it just programmer art?

No, nothing like that. Technically it is a complete game. 10 stages, fully voiced, storyline from front to back. Yes it’s a shmup with a story.

It is only the beta which I still call alpha since some of the art is not complete. There is still a lot of work to do but we’re getting there. So far it’s out on the OUYA and ForgeTV. It was meant for the OUYA and the people of OUYAForum helped out in a great way. I don’t know if the game is where it’s at without their help. You add in my working and all that. My helpers working and all that. It was bound to take a while to complete.

The game will be coming to other platforms like I mentioned before. PC, Mac, Linux, AndroidTV, AppleTV, tablets. WiiU, PS, XBone? Well I am registered. The game just needs a lot more polish. I may drop it into’s early access soon. I’m hoping that by the end of the summer we’ll be in other markets. There are wave patterns, graphical changes and more that are coming. Maybe some unlockable bonus stages too. (Ok, there will be but I wanted to be mysterious.)

Keep checking in to follow my progress.

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